Demanding a No Detriment Policy

Sign our open letter to the University calling for ‘no detriment’ measures produced in collaboration with students for this year’s exams.

Wed 13 Jan 2021
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SU wins: December

The SU closed for the winter vacation period starting from the week of the 21st, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t busy in the days and weeks leading up to it coordinating support for students staying in Cambridge over the winter vacation period

Fri 08 Jan 2021
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National Lockdown: What this means for students

Following the government’s recent announcement of another lockdown, you will have received a bulletin from the University confirming their plans for Lent Term to be conducted remotely.

Thu 07 Jan 2021
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Outcome of Elections appeal

Outcome of an appeal against a ruling on the conduct of the Mathematics (UG) Rep Ballot, held as part of the SU Michaelmas Elections.

Wed 09 Dec 2020

SU Wins: November

November has been a really busy month for all of us at the SU - we’ve been working hard to support students and make Cambridge a better and safer place to study and live in for all students.

Wed 02 Dec 2020

An update from your Student Advice Service

With less than a week until the end of Michaelmas term, you might be planning for your return home to spend the winter break with loved ones. While this would usually be an easy and joyful task, for some students, this year planning to return home might pose some questions and uncertainty.

Wed 02 Dec 2020
Covid-19 Update: SU Win on

SU Win on Remote Working for Research Students

After extensive lobbying, the University has decided to give postgraduate research students (PGRs) the option of remote working in Lent Term if they have limited access to in-person University facilities.

Mon 30 Nov 2020

Studying MML at Cambridge (a student perspective)

MML is a popular degree, but is quite unique and differs from other subjects in many ways. Here Cate Horn explains what it's really like to study Modern and Medieval Languages at Cambridge.

Sun 22 Nov 2020

Tips for Applying for a ‘Weird’ Cambridge Subject

Cambridge has such a wide range of courses which you can choose to apply for, amongst which are some pretty confusing titles. What is Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic? Is Education just a teaching training course? Although I can’t speak on behalf of everyone studying one of the smaller, more niche courses which Cambridge has to offer, I do remember feeling pretty puzzled by the prospect of applying for a course which doesn’t map nicely onto the pre-university curriculum.

Sun 22 Nov 2020
choosingDegreeStudyingWeird Subjects

But What is an Education Degree?

Whenever I tell people that I’m studying Education at Cambridge I’m met with the ever-infuriating response ‘so you’re training to be a teacher then?’ No, I say with a sigh – in fact a lot of people on this course find themselves giving a similar response on almost daily basis.

Sun 22 Nov 2020

Studying History at Cambridge

Although History is offered at the vast majority of UK universities, the course content and structure differ greatly. Studying History at Cambridge involves an exceptional degree of freedom to explore students’ personal interests within history; regular opportunities to talk to leading academics about these chosen topics; and a variety of different teaching and examination methods. I’ve listed a few factors which make the Cambridge course unique, and why I enjoy studying it!

Sun 22 Nov 2020

Writing a Personal Statement for ASNC

The question of how to write an ASNC personal statement is one we get a lot in the department, so let me clear it up once and for all: don't. No really, I'm serious. Just don't.

Sun 22 Nov 2020
Anglo-SaxonASNCCelticNorsePersonal Statement

What to Consider When Choosing a Degree Subject

Any quick Google search will tell you that choosing your degree subject is a super important decision. Whilst that isn’t necessarily wrong, it’s also not the be-all and end-all that it can sometimes feel like.

Sun 22 Nov 2020
ChoicesDegree SubjectOptions

Michaelmas Elections Results 2020

See results from our Michaelmas Elections!

Fri 20 Nov 2020

Democracy Committee Minutes - 02/11

Minutes of a meeting of the Democracy Committee held on 2nd November 2020 covering Michaelmas Elections and review of the By-Laws.

Mon 09 Nov 2020

COVID-19 Update

Tue 03 Nov 2020

How (and how not) to choose a college

Picking a college from 31 strange names can be daunting if you don’t know where to start. What should you look for in a college? How are the colleges different? Which college is best for you? We’ll try to answer all of these questions here!

Sat 24 Oct 2020
Applying to CambridgeCollege

Welcome to CURnR

Mon 05 Oct 2020

Thrilling Varsity Match sees victory for M2 & M3 but narrow overall defeat

The Captains report on the 2020 Varsity match, the closest in nearly a decade. After CUBaC's historic 2019 win, we had been training harder than ever to achieve that winning feeling agian.

Fri 11 Sep 2020
2020BadmintonCambridgeCambridge University Badminton ClubCUBaCGDBOM1M2M3OUBaCOxfordVarsityvictoryW1W2

Coronavirus Update

Suffering is not a Competitive Sport.

There is pain and grief, kindness, hope, and relief ahead. There will be no medals at the end.

We are still teaching and training whilst following WHO and Government guidelines for COVID-19/Coronavirus. Please contact your Instructor to find out more.

Not a member yet? Instructor Karim Daoud will answer your questions on how to start your training with us.

Phone: 07957 261 417

Be up-hearted. Stay safe.

Fri 11 Sep 2020

Come to Crete if you dare – and even if you don’t

Following another successful training camp in Crete this Summer, Carmine Pariante was tasked with writing about his experience – you can spot him in the photo listening intently. Rather than a day-by-day, blow-by-blow account, he has decided to throw down the gauntlet to everyone else…

Fri 11 Sep 2020

Once Upon A Time in Yongchun

It is late November and a group of Instructors and Students gather once more in an airport to travel back to China for a week of soaking up the culture and training. Led by Chief Instructor Dennis Ngo our destination is Yongchun in Fujian Province – a visit to Mr Su Ying Han of the Yongchun Yi Yun Society. Mr Su and his family have trained in the White Crane System of Kung Fu since Mr Su was a young man over 60 years ago. But their traditions go back further than that. Amongst the group tra

Fri 11 Sep 2020

40th Anniversary Celebration

On Saturday 16th September 2017 the whole Club came together at the Watford Colosseum for the Club’s 40th Anniversary Celebration. There was much to see – how far we have come since the Club was founded in 1977.

Fri 11 Sep 2020

FWC Competition 2018 – the photos

Enjoy a selection of the 2018 competition photos.

The competition was well-run by the host Club, (FWC London South) under the leadership of Instructor Richard Wagstaff. As always the competitors were friendly but committed.

All these photos were taken by Club Members Ben Hallifax and Claire O’Keefe. Many thanks to them for the high standard of images.

Fri 11 Sep 2020

FWC Cambridge Mug Challenge

Welcome back to the FWC Cambridge Mug Challenge. It’s challenging and it involves mugs. There seem to be a lot of scientists in this update, but such is the nature of the FWC Cambridge Club. Instructor Karim Daoud has been goading his students into ever more efforts both in their training and in using some ingenuity to meet these challenges

Fri 11 Sep 2020

Introducing the Cambridge Bibliophiles

Between the pages and dusty shelves you'll find us: the book-lovers, book-collectors, book-guardians, book-users and bibliophiles of the University of Cambridge.

Mon 07 Sep 2020
Statement on A Level Results Day

Statement on A Level Results Day

We are deeply concerned that the students who have been unjustifiably downgraded so as to miss their offers by a large margin are not being fairly considered.

Fri 14 Aug 2020
International Students' Campaign Logo

Introducing the International Students' Campaign

Far from home but here to stay? Missing the taste of actual good food? Wondering if you’re the only one who mispronounced ‘Magdalene’ on your first day? Fret not as the International Students’ Campaign is here to answer your questions, address your concerns and alleviate your homesickness!

Thu 30 Jul 2020