Register a new society

Thinking of setting up your own society? Cambridge SU is here to help. Benefits of registering a society with us include access to Freshers' and Refreshers' Fair stalls, finance accounts, and society promotion. 


Is your society university-wide or college-based?

If your society is college-based, then ensure you speak to your JCR/MCR for more details on setting it up. At Cambridge SU, we also recognise college-based societies so, if you have already done this, you can register with us


Is your society a duplicate?

Look through our Find a Society list to make sure that the society or club you want to set up doesn't already exist. Exact duplicate societies will not be approved in the interests of providing clarity to prospective members. 


Do you want to register with the proctors office?

We have a joint re-registration process with the Proctors Office, which means you can also register with them through our form. Here is a link to university registered society and a contact email if you'd like more information on the Proctor's Office registeration. 


Ensure you read our Society T&Cs

Have you got at least three committee members and a society constitution? All the requirements for setting up a society are listed in our society T&Cs and is it mandatory for any society leads to read them.




Note: If your registration process is accepted, please ensure you re-register during our society handover period between July-August with your committee information. We will contact you about this prior.

If you need any more information, feel free to contact us at


Societies at Freshers Fair