Cambridge SU is here to help student societies and believe they are a vital part of the student experience. To ensure societies receive additional support, Cambridge SU has introduced an Activities Manager to the team who will be able to advise on starting a new society, best practice, democracy for elections and much more. With over 700 student societies listed on our directory, we've also introduced new processes and tools to support students exploring new groups and the society teams adding value to the student experience here in Cambridge. 

Email for any society-related questions!

advertising services

Cambridge SU has introduced new tools to help societies stay connected with their members alongside trusted advertising favourites such as our annual freshers' fair event and email bulletin submissions.

What's new:

  • Your directory profile has new features allowing you to add videos, photo galleries, news and events calendars to your page. We encourage societies to review the content of their directory profile at least once a year with any new information to showcase your group activities in all their glory! Check out this resource hub to help you manage your directory profile page.
  • Refreshers' Fair - A January Refreshers' Fair has been introduced to the Cambridge SU events calendar to provide societies with a second opportunity to connect with new members. The refreshers' fair is well timed for catching students who have established their workload routine and availability to take part in extra-curricula activities and meet postgraduate students who may have joined the Cambridge student community in January. Date TBC*.
  • New look events calendar allows you to add your society events to the global events calendar which provides a full overview of everything happening for Cambridge Students all in one handy location.
  • Students can now join your society mailing list direct from your profile and society managers can use this list to promote your activities and events with an easy-to-use, GDPR compliant messaging system. We suggest that you encourage your existing members to reregister by joining in this way so you have a comprehensive list of all of your members without the need for multiple mailing lists across different systems. 


*Cambridge SU will assess our ability to host a refreshers' fair as planned in line with the latest government advice regarding Covid-19. For more updates, please follow our latest news for announcements.

elections tools

One of the services that Cambridge SU offers to Clubs and Societies is access to using our online elections platform. It's free, secure and easy to use. Plus, it's the best way to host a democratic election. The elections platform uses the membership lists held on the site to run elections, so if your society isn't managing its membership through the directory, make sure to send a list of members CRSIDs to ahead of the election.

staff support and helpful resources

Your new Activities Manager has been appointed to help societies get the most out of their work and answer any questions you might have in the meantime. The Activities Manager will liaise with the Proctors office on society registrations and work alongside our wider team, such as our Events Coordinator and Campaigns & Societies Coordinator, to help bring you advice on everything from finances to how to lead engaging events for your group. Societies may also book rooms in the SU building to host their events.