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Safeguarding team email: safeguarding@cambridgesu.co.uk

Cambridge SU is committed to ensuring all children and adults at risk who engage in Cambridge SU activities, do so in a safe and secure environment. Every staff member and volunteer is responsible for safeguarding people from harm or abuse. To fulfil this commitment, a number of safeguarding arrangements are in place.

Policy and Procedures

The Cambridge SU Safeguarding team oversees the implementation of our safeguarding policies into the work and activities of the SU. Our policies are subject to annual reviews, and the Safeguarding Team ensures that all safeguarding policies and procedures for children and adults at risk are kept up to date and in line with sector guidance. The policies are made available and accessible to all staff and volunteers who receive comprehensive safeguarding training.

In line with good safeguarding practices, staff and volunteers have a code of conduct which they are expected to abide by when working with children and adults at risk.


If you report a safeguarding concern where you think a child or adult at risk is in immediate danger, please call 999 immediately. Once you have reported to the police, please complete the reporting form below.

If you witness a safeguarding concern, or one is reported to you directly by the affected child or adult at risk, or if an allegation is reported to you by a third party, and there is no immediate risk to the child or adult at risk, please complete the Incident Report Form below. Once the form is submitted, a member of the Safeguarding team will contact you promptly.

Safeguarding Leads

If you have any questions or concerns about our safeguarding policies or procedures, please contact our safeguarding team at safeguarding@cambridgesu.co.uk

Incident Report Form

If you saw the incident directly, select Witnessed Safeguarding Concern. If someone made specific statements about what has happened to them, select Direct Disclosure. If someone suggested there might be a problem but not made specific statements, select Indirect Disclosure. If someone has told you about a concern they have for a child, select Third-Party Disclosure. If you have noticed a change in behaviour that is concerning, select Behavioural.

This information will form part of the Safeguarding Team's considerations on appropriate next steps. As such, please include the facts of the situation or incident and, where possible, use the exact words of the person who disclosed or reported the concern to you. Please also include names and details of anyone who witnessed the incident or disclosure and whether consent was given to share this information.



Data Notice: All the information collected in this form is necessary and relevant for assessing safeguarding concerns. The information provided will be accessible to the Safeguarding Team and will only be shared outside of the team if we need to make an external safeguarding report to the Local Safeguarding Team or as part of an external investigation. Information will be stored and held in line with Cambridge SU Data Protection policy.