Promote your brand to over 24,000 students at The University of Cambridge.

We offer print, digital, experience, and out-of-home advertising solutions to connect with our student community!


Why we need advertising

We offer advertising opportunities for both local and national businesses in order to provide the SU with vital income that helps to fund sabb and student-led projects, services and annual events (e.g. Freshers Fair) for students at Cambridge University. 


Photos taken at Cambridge SU's Freshers Fair


Why advertise at Cambridge SU?

Cambridge SU represents over 24,000 students, who make up 20% of the population of Cambridge. During their time at university, most Cambridge University students will engage with the SU in some way, be it through attending events, joining a society, volunteering within the Cambridge community, or receiving advice from our Student Advice Service. As a central organisation for students on-and-offline, we are best placed to connect students with brands they'll love. Our students are highly receptive to new ideas and at a formative time in their lives.


Promotional Services

  • Experiential - Advertising that builds to onsite presence (e.g at Freshers Fair, Refreshers Fair)
  • Media Channels - Digital and print channels, from social media posts to email bulletins and magazine ads. 
  • Out-of-home - Advertise across 18 TV screens within the SU and Cambridge Colleges
  • Exclusivity Contracts - Packaged partnerships to own your niche



Introducing native: our media partner

To advertise with us online or in person, please get in touch with native. As Cambridge SU’s exclusive advertising partner, native drives our student-focused external media and can help you to build sustainable and impactful relationships with students. Learn more about the advertising opportunities at Cambridge SU via our media pack.

To book your next campaign and start reaching students at Cambridge Students' Union, get in touch with native today.