The Advice and Welfare Team provides annual training sessions for JCR/MCR Welfare/Support Officers (and other roles), Liberation Campaigns, Academic Officers and Faculty Reps, and any student volunteers with an interest in welfare support. You don't need to have the word 'welfare' in your officer title; anyone who feels they have a welfare element to their role is more than welcome to come along.

 Full details of the content covered in each training session can be found further down this page. If you have any questions about our training sessions please contact: welfareandtraining@cambridgesu.co.uk 

Please note all sessions are currently taking place online. 

Essential Skills for Supporting Students 

Upcoming dates:
To be confirmed.

This interactive 3 hour session is a must for welfare officers and by the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Explain the meaning of confidentiality and its relevance to your role
  • Examine boundaries and how these apply to your role
  • Provide active listening
  • Recognise the difference between active listening and advice giving
  • Identify various sources of support to which students can be signposted to in College, the University, the city of Cambridge and nationally.


Introduction to Mental Health

Upcoming dates:
To be confirmed.

This 3 hour session delivered by the Student Advice Service explores:

  • the meaning of mental health
  • the most common mental health issues amongst students
  • what your role is in relation to students with mental health issues
  • how to cope with a distressed student
  • sources of support
  • what you can do in your college/dept to support students with mental health issues.


Supporting a student who may be feeling suicidal

Upcoming dates:
To be confirmed.

An indepth 3 hour training session examining best practice when supporting students in crisis. This session will cover:

  • How to provide emotional “first aid” to students who feel suicidal (listening and asking direct questions)
  • How to recognise warning signs of someone who may be suicidal
  • Developing your understanding of risk factors
  • Making sensitive and effective referrals
  • Using support effectively


Disabled Students Campaign Accessibility Training 

Upcoming dates: 
To be confirmed

The Disabled Students' Campaign runs Accessibility Training each year for committee members of Campaigns, JCRs, MCRs and Societies. 

The Session will cover: 

  • Who the Disabled Students Campaign is and what they do 
  • What current provision is made for disabled students across the University 
  • The importance of using access statements to create accessible events, spaces and communications.
  • How to support a community of disabled students and how to advocate for positive changes in policy 
  • Using support and signposting effectively 

Once members of your committee have attended training you will also be eligible to sign the Accessibility Pledge: Click here to find out more about the Accessibility Pledge