Disoriented? Us too.

Cambridge University wasn’t built for most of us. It can be exhausting, overwhelming, and lonely being a student here. But you’re never alone.

The disorientation guide was produced in collaboration with 60+ local community organizations, university departments, and dedicated students who know that it doesn’t have to be like this. These are support networks and safety briefings, activist groups and archival history, all dedicated to creating communities of care in response to crisis.

The guide is split into seven sections: Health and Wellbeing, Cost of Living and Working, Studying in Cambridge, Land and Housing, Communities, Climate and International Solidarity. Each section represents a corner of Cambridge where you’ll find people fighting to support each other, from queer-friendly religious spaces, to justice in education. Their projects of liberation intersect, and the groups represented here are by no means a whole picture.

This guide is a start. It’s not meant to be read at once, or as a whole. It’s a toolkit, so it will be there when you want it, or if you feel disoriented and don’t know where to go. Its focus is local, but the groups represented here are all part of a bigger struggle for a better world.


Disorientation Guide 

Written and collated by Harvey Brown, Welfare & Community Officer 2023-24


Download the guide | Plain text Version