This June, the SU will be showcasing the multi-disciplinary research created by Cambridge students. As a world-renowned institution, our students are producing incredible research in their fields, but often this is never shared passed the examiners. The launch of 'Beyond the Page: A Student Research Exhibition' will provide emerging researchers in Cambridge to share their work with students, staff and the public, alongside gaining research and presentation skills. 

The exhibition was inspired by the LGBT+ History Month poster exhibition at Hughes Hall (pictured: credit to Jess H, Senior Library Assistant).

Submissions can be from students at any degree level, from any Department, and may include, but is not limited to, dissertations, research projects, coursework, and thesis submissions.

We want to highlight the range of contributions to academia and wider society being made by students who have experienced barriers to education. Therefore, the priority for submissions will be students who have not formally presentedtheir research before.

Students can submit their degree research as designed posters and can also apply to give a 5-minute presentation on their work. Speakers will be chosen by a student and staff panel.




We are looking for submissions of:

  • A3-size conference-style posters 
  • Research abstracts to be presented to a peer-led audience in 5 minutes or under

Posters should be provided in PDF format at the below submission form. There is advice and support for creating a conference-style poster in the FAQs, along with support for student presenters.



Who is eligible to submit?
  • Students at all stages of study, from undergraduate to PhD, are welcome to apply.

  • This includes anyone studying at the Institute for Continuing Education and non-matriculated students.

  • The priority for submissions will be students who have not formally presented their research before. This does not include essential teaching, such as viva voce/oral examinations or peer-to-peer feedback presentations.

What does non-selective submissions mean?
  • We will exhibit all of the eligible poster submissions recieved. Research and presentation opportunities are often highly competitive; instead we hope to foster an environment that is about sharing and celebrating the work you have done in your degree.

  • There are limited places available for spoken presentation, purely due to time constraints during the launch event. Speakers will be chosen by a staff and student panel and will take into consideration any barriers to education, and ensuring a diverse range of research topics are covered.

How do I make a conference-style poster?
  • You can access University advice on creating conference posters here.

  • You can create your poster on any medium you are comfortable with. If you would like to use a pre-formatted Canva Pro Document please email This document will have a poster example that you can edit, but may be helpful if starting with a blank page feels daunting!

Below are some examples of conference-style posters. The first two were made for the Hughes Hall Showcase, the others are online examples. These are on the more artistic side of design, and you do not have to worry if design is not your comfort zone. The exhibition is about learning to present research visually, which can be in any style.


Is there any support available for public speaking?
  • All students who are selected to present their research will be invited to a practice-run session before the event on 10th June. You will be able to run-through your presentation with other student speakers and receive feedback from staff and peers.

  • If there is anything else you would like or need to feel more prepared, you can contact