Guide to Extension to Period of Study (‘Double Time’)

DSC Part-Time Students’ Representative, 2018-2019


Your friendly guide to studying part time for health/disability reasons! In this guide, we intend to present Extension to Period of Study in a way that is accessible to the students who are experiencing it, as students who have experienced it ourselves. The information provided is not presented neutrally - if you are in doubt about anything raised in the guide, you should absolutely refer to the University’s policy as the superior source. The purpose of this guide is to provide an account of the experience of applying for Extension to Period of Study written by students for students. However, we also hope this proves a useful resource for other students and members of staff who are unsure about the process or how to support a student through it. This guide was published in 2019 by the CUSU Part-Time Students’ Representative (2018/19) and is accurate at the date of publication. If you have any question regarding the information provided you can contact Cambridge SU’s Disabled Students’Campaign (