Our sabbatical officer team, SU Campaigns and Student Advice Service create a range of helpful guides to help you navigate academic, welfare and social scanerios you might encounter during your University journey. These guides are packed with practical tips, insights and key contacts to help you so are well worth a read! If you are questions about specific aspects of your student experience, we'd recommend contacting the author or you can contact our Student Advice Service for further guidance.


Cambridge Careers Guide 2021

Cambridge Careers Guide

Content notes guide for faculties and staff

Content Notes Guide for Faculties & Staff

Disabled 101 Guide

DSC Disabled 101 Guide        

Double Time Guide

Guide to Extension of Period of Study   

Ethical Affairs Campaigning Guide

Ethical Affairs Campaigning Guide

Guide to getting through exams

Guide to getting through exams            

Freshers' Guide

Freshers' Welcome Guide            

General Student Information Guide

General Information Guide for Students

Guide to Personal Statements

Guide to Personal Statements

Housing Toolkit for College MCRs

Housing Toolkit for College MCRs

Spotting TERF ideology: A guide

How to spot TERF ideology

How to support your friends guide

How to support your friends: A guide

Guide to managing supervisor issuesManaging supervisor issues

Guide to Managing your society directory profileManaging your society directory profile

Online Safety: A guideOnline Safety: A students' guide   

Students' guide to finance

Information guide to Finance

Guide to Undergraduate Intermission

Undergraduate Intermission Guide

Year Abroad Guide

Looking after yourself on the Year Abroad 

Trans Inclusion Guide




If you've got an idea for guide or resource that you'd like us to consider, why not post on our I have an idea! page. If an idea proves popular with your fellow students, our sabbatical officers will then discuss your idea at their next team meeting.