Michaelmas 2021 Academic Rep Elections Results

The results are in!


See the winners of the 2021 Michaelmas Academic Rep elections below. Congratulations to all of the winners!

Academic Reps

Post title Elected candidate
Archaeology (PG) - Rep Christos Nikolaou
Architecture (PG) - Rep Noor Mazhar
Business and Management (PG): EMBA and MAcc - Rep Lucinda Lee
Business and Management (PG): MFin - Rep Arslan Sheikh
Business and Management (PG): MBA - Rep D.John (Dazhuang) Guo
Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (PG) - Rep Amaury Genovese
Classics (UG) - Rep Yaseen Caratela
Classics (UG) - Rep Sarah Anderson
Classics (PG) - Rep Cecily Bateman
Computer Science (UG): Part I/II - Rep Dan Wendon-Blixrud
East Asian Studies (PG) - Rep Jasmine Yun Xie
Economics (UG): Part I - Rep Rebecca Wu
Economics (PG): PhD - Rep Radu Cristea
Economics (PG): Diploma/MPhil - Rep Ioannis Giatsos
Education (PG): MPhil/PhD - Rep Aditi Chidambaram
English (UG) - Rep Claire Collins
English (UG) - Rep Harry Devlin
English (PG): MPhil - Rep Tess Solomon
English (PG): PhD - Rep Claire Watt
Engineering (UG) - Rep Aakash Gupta
Engineering (UG) - Rep Juliette Rudelle
Engineering (PG): Taught - Rep Mohamed El Khatieb
History (UG) - Rep Malachi Gee
History (UG) - Rep Beatrice Coulter
History (UG) - Rep Thomas Shanahan
History (PG): PhD - Rep Savannah Pine
History (PG): MPhil - Rep Sam Carter
History and Philosophy of Science (PG): MPhil HPSM - Rep Monte Cairns
History and Philosophy of Science (PG): PhD - Rep Ahmad Elabbar
HSPS (UG): Part I - Rep Chantell Asante
HSPS (UG): Part II - Rep Joseph Edwards
Land Economy (UG) - Rep Ridita Noboni
Land Economy (UG) - Rep Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Law (PG): LLM - Rep Alina Chanysheva
Law (UG): Part IA/IB - Rep Elizabeth Kate Weber
Mathematics (UG) - Rep Aron Thomas
Mathematics (UG) - Rep Adam Kelly
Mathematics (PG) - Rep Julius Villar
Medicine (PG): Population Medicine and Biostatistics - Rep Patrick Cook
Medicine (PG): Cancer Biology - Rep Matilde Azeiteiro De Almeida Duarte
Modern Languages (PG) - Rep Solway Aden
Modern Languages (UG) - Rep Amy Brook
Music (UG) - Rep Hector Coley
Music (UG) - Rep Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Music (PG): PhD - Rep Alexandra Leonzini
NST Physical - Rep Sam Hutton
Philosophy (UG) - Rep Gerard Kornacki
Philosophy (UG) - Rep Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Theology and Religious Studies (PG) - Rep Tyler Horton
Council of the School of Arts and Humanities: UG - Rep Gerard Kornacki
Council of the School of Biological Sciences: UG - Rep Sam Carling
Council of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences: UG - Rep Chantell Asante
Council of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences: PG - Rep Christos Nikolaou
Council of the School of Physical Sciences: UG - Rep Aaron Xu
Council of the School of Technology: UG - Rep Dan Wendon-Blixrud
Veterinary Medicine (PG) - Rep Sara Hassouna Elsayed
Veterinary Medicine (UG) - Clinical - Rep Susannah Simpson
Middle Eastern Studies (PG) - Rep Andreas Nabil Younan

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