Democracy Committee Minutes - 11/02/21

By-Laws Review Timetable, Lent Elections planning, Election Rules

Attendance: Torkel Loman (Chair & Returning Officer), Ben Margolis, Josh Jones, Richard Danylyuk, Matt Kite (secretary to the committee)

  1. Other SU Elections
    1. The committee received on update on the progress of recent elections at the SU including:
      1. NUS delegate by-election
      2. LGBT+ election – no candidates
  2. By-Laws Review timetable
    1. The Democracy Committee approved a timetable for a review of the By-Laws for the new students’ union, with changes to be approved by Student Council, the Board of Trustees and (where this is required) the University by the end of the academic year.
  3. Lent Elections
    1. The Committee received an update on planning for the Lent Elections, and agreed a schedule of meetings during the election.
  4. Any Other Business
    1. It was agreed that the Committee should consider turnout and candidate information after the election, and should receive demographic information which would allow comparisons between undergraduate and postgraduate student engagement to be made.
  5. Decisions made by circulation
    1. The Committee had approved by circulation the election rules for the 2021 Lent Elections, which included provisions to reflect the ongoing lockdown and pandemic.

Other news