Rosie Freeman stepping down as Women's Officer

Rosie Freeman stepping down as Women's Officer

Rosie Freeman, has resigned from her post as Women’s Officer at Cambridge SU. Rosie’s final day of work will be Wednesday, 22nd May. 


Rosie Freeman

“I want to thank the Women’s Campaign, student campaigners and Femsocs for the opportunity to work closely on such important issues within the University: combating spiking, anti-sexual violence campaign work/ disciplinary reform and the gender awarding gap. Campaign work can be exhausting and this brilliant community’s trust and support has centred and emboldened mine and the Women’s Campaign’s work this year. It’s been a pleasure to campaign and learn from you over the course of this year.”


We want to thank Rosie for her hard work and dedication to students and Cambridge SU, through her work on disciplinary reform, getting the gender awarding gap on the University’s radar, and continuing to grow the Women’s Campaign.

Rosie will be missed by the Sabbatical Officer Team and everyone at Cambridge SU. 



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