Michaelmas elections

Nominations open on 2nd November for elections for delegates to the National Union of Students Conference, Academic Reps, and for our campaign committees.

Nominations open in

Michaelmas Elections 2020

In this year's Michaelmas elections we'll be voting on delegates to the National Union of Students Conference and for Academic Reps who represent you to the University.

99 posts are up for election.

Nominations open at 09:00 on Monday 2 November 2020 (in 2 days and 1 hours)

The polls open at 09:00 on Monday 16 November 2020 (in 2 weeks and 2 days)

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NUS Delegates If you want to represent Cambridge students nationally, and vote on policy that relates to all of Higher Education, you could run to be an NUS delegate. Seven NUS delegates will be elected to go to the National Union of Students’ Conference in Spring 2021. Any student can run to be an NUS delegate. Find out more about NUS delegates here.
Academic Reps If you want to have a say in your education, and represent the students on your course to your Faculty or School, the Students’ Union and the University, you could run to be an Academic Rep. Academic Reps are elected in every Faculty, and they play an important part in leading their academic community and ensuring decisions are made in students’ interests. Find out more about being an Academic Rep hereThe Department of History and Philosophy of Science holds local elections; please see your course website for details.
Campaign committees We're also running elections for the committees of several of our campaigns. 


other ELections

Lent Elections

In Lent Term, we run our biggest elections of the year. All eight of our full-time elected officers are elected. Any Cambridge student can run and thousands of students vote in these elections. The elections campaign is often covered in the student press, and the winners become the figureheads for the SU for the next year, shaping the policy priorities and campaigning work of the Union. Last year, over 5,000 students voted, with some very close elections, so the candidates have to work hard for every vote. If you’re interested in running to be a Cambridge SU Officer, contact elections@cambridgesu.co.uk.

Easter Elections

In Easter term, we elect the non-sabbatical positions on our Executive. We run cross-campus elections for four roles for particular groups of students: mature students, part-time students, students with family caring responsibilities, and “double-time” students.

This term is also when our Campaigns run their committee elections.