Lent Elections

The Lent Elections are your opportunity to vote in your new student leaders of Cambridge SU, or stand to be one of them. We are electing a team of 8 Sabbatical Officers to lead Cambridge SU, represent students across the university and campaign for student rights locally in Cambridge and nationally. Find out more about the different roles on the pages below.

Elections Key Dates
Lent Elections: Nominations Open
15th February 9am - 23rd February noon
Nominations are open in the Cambridge SU Lent Elections! Find out more about the roles up for election at the link.
Lent Elections: Candidates Briefing
24th February 4:30pm - 5:30pm
Online Meeting
Briefing for candidates in the Lent Elections.
Lent Elections: Campaigning Opens
26th February 9am - 1st March 9am
Lent Elections: Vote Now
1st March 9am - 4th March 5pm