Election Rulings 26/05/2023

BME Officer Election 

On Monday 15th May 2023, a follow-up email was received from one of the Easter By-Election candidates around the BME Officer role title, which reiterated their original concerns raised about the role title.

The Democracy Committee has maintained the original ruling made on the 8th May, noting that it is outside of Democracy Committee's remit to be able to unilaterally change the role title.

The following actions have been requested by the Democracy Committee:

  • A plan of action to be put into place to take forward the concerns raised by the student around the role title. This will include connecting the student to the BME Campaign to raise this point at a forum.
  • Ensuring the student has an outline of the democratic and governance processes that can be triggered to make change at Cambridge Students’ Union.


Women’s Officer Election 

On Monday 15th May 2023, an email was received from one of the Easter By-Election candidates noting unsportsmanlike conduct. The candidate's poster had been removed from a College porters' lodge and been replaced with another candidate's poster.

The following ruling has been made by the Democracy Committee:

  • Where it cannot be proven if the candidate in question, one of their campaign team, or a random individual made the change, no formal action can realistically be taken.
  • The candidate whose poster replaced the original poster will be contacted to be made aware of the situation and an informal warning will be issued, but no further action will be taken.
  • During the election training next year, there will be further emphasis on the removal of posters, treating each other fairly and ensuring candidates and their campaign teams are aware of the rules.

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