Statement on the NUS Antisemitism Report

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Cambridge SU Statement on the NUS Antisemitism Report. Cambridge SU logo on a green background with text saying "Statement on the NUS Antisemitism Report".

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Last Thursday, after several months of a detailed and necessary investigation, The National Union of Students (NUS) published an extensive report outlining repeated instances of antisemitism in the NUS. 

It is unacceptable that Jewish students engaged in the NUS have been subjected to antisemitic abuse online and in person. For too long the NUS has lacked robust engagement with the concerns of students who experience antisemitism, and has failed to adequately support the Jewish student community. Given that the report discusses several failed past commitments, we call on the NUS to take greater care in keeping the promises made to the Jewish community. We look forward to the NUS implementing the support for Jewish students they detail in their Action Plan

It is essential that Jewish people are not held to account for the actions of the Israeli State and that our movements for justice within Palestine do not condone or partake in antisemitism of any kind. It is also essential that the student movement can advocate for the rights of Palestinians and criticise the actions of the Israeli Government. We therefore agree with the report's conclusion that discussions on Palestine must ‘take place within NUS [and the student movement] in a manner which recognises that Jewish students are a welcomed and valued group’.

We will continue to support Jewish Students at Cambridge and will be meeting with Cambridge University Jewish Society to discuss what they would like to see going forward.

Our SU Student Advice Service is available for any students who feel distressed by the findings of the report, and would like impartial advice about the services available to them. You can contact them at 


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