Elections Ruling - 27/02/2023


On the 27/02/23 we received an email containing an image to review for a society endorsement of candidates currently standing in the Lent Elections.

As the image hadn't been shared yet, but was deemed as a violation of Rule 3.3 if posted, the Democracy Committee decided for the following action to be taken:

  • Email the society directly highlighting that their image would be in violation of Rule 3.3 if shared.
  • Include in the email how the society could share an endorsement without causing a rule breach.

An email was sent out to the society at 15:58 on 27/02/23.

We then received evidence that the image had been circulated on social media. This image has now been removed.

The Democracy Committee would like to reiterate that the rules state that campaigning for more than one candidate at the same time is not allowed.

If your society is endorsing a candidate, the following is allowed:

We ask that endorsements for different candidates are posted separately, and certainly in separate graphics.

Please be aware that the candidates you have endorsed are not able to share or promote your endorsement if it's multiple candidates on the same graphic, since this would entail them campaigning for other candidates. To rectify this, please provide separate graphics to each candidate you have endorsed.


For reference, Rule 3.3. states:
Slates (groups of candidates supporting one another) are not permitted. Candidates cannot campaign for candidates in a different election, cannot share resources with other candidates and cannot endorse any other candidates. Campaign team members can support multiple candidates, but they cannot campaign for multiple candidates at the same time.

All candidates have been reminded of the rules about slates.


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