Ruling on error in close of voting time

Decision made at a meeting of the Democracy Committe on 19th November 2020

It has come to light that the polls for NUS delegate and academic rep elections were set up to close at 7pm rather than 5pm in error. The polls were closed at 17:16 when this was discovered. 17 votes were cast in this time period.

The website at the point of voting indicated that 7pm was the closing time, but the formal documentation for the election and all publicity had been clear that 5pm would be the finish time.

The Democracy Committee has therefore resolved that votes cast after 5pm should be discounted, and noted that this would require a delay in the publication of results while this was resolved.

NB that as of 20th November this has now been completed and results shown are only of votes cast in advance of the publicised deadline of 5pm. 


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