Exams and Easter Term Guidance

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Exams and Easter Term Guidance

Yesterday (21/4/21), students received their exam timetables and a document containing guidance about exams. 

While we are sure that this long-awaited information will provide some relief, we do appreciate that there may be outstanding concerns on the part of students about exams and arrangements for this term more broadly. This statement aims to provide some information and guidance, in addition to signposting key resources.




If you have any questions or concerns about your exams this year (e.g. if you’re an international student sitting an exam in a different time zone or unsure about whether you’ll have a quiet private room to sit your exams), speak to your college tutor as a matter of priority so that they are aware of any issues and can help you to resolve them.

The Student Advice Service is putting together an invaluable bank of resources which includes lots of information and guidance relating to exams, as well as detailed instructions relating to exam reviews, complaints and allowances. You can find these here, with a range of updated resources available soon.


Easter Term


Although the government has announced that the majority of university students will be unable to return to residence and in-person teaching before May 17th, there are various circumstances in which students are permitted to return to Cambridge prior to this date. These were outlined in the Vice-Chancellor’s recent email and are as follows:

  • For students who have been given permission to return for in-person teaching for practical or practice-based subjects, as well as for research students, this permission continues. 

  • For students who have previously been given permission to return by their College for reasons of health, or access to study spaces and facilities, this permission continues. 

  • Other students who have not previously been given permission, but who wish to return for Easter Term, are encouraged to apply to their College for permission to return if they need to do so for reasons of health (including mental health) or to access study space and facilities. 

This information is also available on the University’s website.


If you would like to return to Cambridge, please get in contact with your tutor as a first port of call to discuss your options. Colleges are generally being reasonably flexible. If any significant problems relating to students returning arise in your college, contact your J/MCR or email us at sabbs@cambridgesu.co.uk 

Exams are currently scheduled to finish on Friday June 25th. Some celebrations may take place if permitted, although there are currently no guarantees. We are currently lobbying the University and Colleges for end-of-term accommodation arrangements which acknowledge the extended exam period and go some way to compensating students for how much has been missed out on this year. If you are concerned that your exams extend beyond your accommodation contract, get in touch with your tutor to discuss the situation in your college.

If your question or concern remains unanswered, you can contact us either on social media or via email at sabbs@cambridgesu.co.uk

The Student Advice Service also offers free, confidential advice and support to students. You can contact them here


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