Take part in the Intermission Survey


Cambridge SU is launching a survey about student perceptions and experience of Cambridge’s intermission system.

You can complete the survey now, and it's open until 27th May.

Intermission, also known as “disregarding terms”, is the process whereby students can take time out midway through their studies for medical reasons or other grave cause.

Any current Cambridge student can complete the survey, regardless of the type of experience you have with intermission, including if you have never considered it. 

This survey, run by Welfare and Community Officer Ben Dalitz, aims to further the SU’s understanding of how intermission is currently being used at the University of Cambridge and its colleges, how effectively it is achieving what it sets out to do, how students perceive it, and how students would like the intermission process to work.

 The findings of this research will be compiled into a report which will make recommendations about changes to intermission, and will inform Cambridge SU’s future campaigning work.


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