Lent Elections: Meet Your Winners!

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SU Lent Elections. Meet your winners! SU Lent Elections. Meet your winners! Lilac background with crosses like on a ballot paper

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Cambridge SU Lent Elections! 

Well done to all the candidates who ran in the elections and a huge congratulations to our winners. Full count sheets are available below for each election.

"Meet your winners.SU Lent Elections" Images of the next SU Officers and crosses like on a ballot paper on lilac background.


Your 2021/22 Cambridge SU Sabbatical team are:


How does it work?

To get elected, a candidate needs a set amount of votes, known as the quota. 

The winner is the candidate who reaches the ‘quota’ first. The quota for each of these elections is 50%+1 of all the votes cast in that ballot.

  1. First preference votes counted

  2. If no-one reaches the quota, last-place candidate is eliminated

  3. The second preferences of voters who chose that candidate are redistributed among those remaining

  4. This continues, if necessary repeating these steps, until someone reaches the quota

You can read more about how voting works on our website.




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