Everything you need to know about the Easter By-Election

Get to know the roles, why voting is important and breaking down self identification.

Easter By-Elections

Voting is now open for your new BME Officer and Women's Officer at Cambridge SU!

There are a number of students running for each role.

Starting in July, the new Sabbatical Officers will work full-time advocating for the students they represent, and campaigning for vital change across the University of Cambridge.

Want to find out more about the roles? Read on!


BME Officer

The Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) Officer is the lead representative for BME students at the University, and head of the SU BME Campaign.

This means formulating and leading major projects, liaising between university, college, and external stakeholders to lead change, representing BME students on numerous committees and councils, and overall being accountable to students for the work they do in supporting the BME community.

Previous BME Officers have led on decolonisation work, with a key focus of this year being the establishment of more multi-faith spaces across the university. Previously the BME campaign have worked on projects such as campaigning for a BME Counselor in every college, increasing BME representation in mentoring schemes and increasing the amount of access projects available to BME students. These are just some examples, and the next officer will take the lead on the trajectory of the campaign work.

The BME Officer will shape the work they lead on through their manifesto goals and developing work from policy passed at Student Council. Being a Sabbatical Officer is such a unique opportunity to make change, engage with students and develop professional skills. Each day will bring new opportunities and challenges leading to innovative and exciting ideas.


Women's Officer

The Women’s Officer is the lead representative for women students at the University of Cambridge and students for whom “woman” forms a part of their gender identity. They are also the head of the Women’s Campaign at the SU.

This means being accountable to these students for the work they do to support them, which includes creating and leading major projects, liaising between university, college, and external stakeholders to formulate change, and representing the student group on numerous committees and councils.

One of the biggest events for the Women’s Officer is leading the annual Reclaim the Night march in Cambridge. Key projects this year have included campaigning for an increase in the provision of street lighting in the city especially around student accommodation areas, reigniting WomCam, and OurStory: An Exhibition of the WomCam Archives.

Previously the Womens’ Campaign has worked on projects such as “How to Spot TERF Ideology” guide, and building safe spaces for students. These are just some examples, and the next officer will take the lead on a range of work, as well as focusing on their manifesto goals.


Voting and Self ID

We ask you to self identify with the role and its associated campaign in order to vote. This is done through a tick-box and no evidence is requested.

We use self identification in our elections to allow those who personally identify with the liberation movements to let us know what matters to them through their vote.

At Cambridge SU, we believe in a safe, equitable and positive student experience and in providing students with the tools and opportunities to make change where it is needed. Across our elections, we make sure that every student has the opportunity to vote on a cause that matters to them.


Voting opens at 9am on Tuesday 9th May until 5pm on Friday 12th May. You can email elections@cambridgesu.co.uk with any questions and queries.

Click here to vote and choose who will represent you!


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