PG Cost of Living & Institutional Support Survey

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PG cost of living and Institutional Support Survey

We have launched a PG Cost of Living & Institutional Support Survey to assist Senior Administrators in our collegiate university in comprehending the challenges faced by students. Unfortunately, the perception given by the University’s Admission Team often differs from reality, with unanticipated non-academic challenges significantly impacting academic life. 

The Michaelmas term likely familiarised you with the cost of living crisis and other issues that may have impacted your own experiences at Cambridge. Whether it's accommodation, accessibility to food, visibility to hardship support schemes, or any other matter, whenever it was attempted by your elected Sabbatical Officer(s), the relevant offices tended to bypass the situation either by stating the data presented by us was anecdotal and thus insufficient, or at worst, not sharing the information even after repeated requests. 

While the Home Office suggests that £1,023 is sufficient for students studying outside the London area, Cambridge University acknowledges that the actual expenses go well beyond that. They have advertised £1,555 per month as maintenance expenses for the upcoming academic year for PG students. However, we are aware that even this falls considerably short of reality. The University claims accommodation costs will be around £840 per month for the next academic year, but some colleges have only a price band, and that too costs higher than that in the current year. Similarly, concerning food, they advertise £280 will cover three meals a day for a month in a student cafeteria. So, it’s time to let everyone know how many colleges offer three meals per day for under £10.

We have put together this survey for you to share your experience and hold the University accountable. I urge you to share your truest experiences in this survey to help us understand the burdens faced by you, your friends, and the 13,000 other PG students!

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