Cadenza Auditions 2020

The time has come! If you’re a current student at Cambridge and want to be part of the university’s premier a cappella group, auditions are now open. See below for details, and feel free to email us or drop a Facebook message to @CadenzaCambridge if you have any questions.

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So you’re interested in auditioning for Cadenza? Awesome!

We are looking for a bass, an alto and a soprano this year, and are open to people joining from any musical background. Auditions this year have obviously had to be slightly different from normal, so we’ve opted for the first round to be in the form of videos rather than in person. Whilst this is less than ideal, it goes without saying we will still try our utmost to judge people fairly and objectively.

To audition, we require you to send us two videos of you singing unaccompanied. The first video should be a complete, non-classical song of your choice (if possible, try to pick a song in the same vocal range as the voice part you’re auditioning for). Could be a pop song, a musical theatre number or a jazz standard. We're looking for voices that will slot nicely into our sound as well as being able to hold their own on a solo line. Try to show off your tone just as much as your range and technique! 

The second video should be a video purely showing your range. For this, please start on a note in the middle of your range and work your way up as high as you can on an open vowel like 'la', then repeat from the same note in the middle of your range to as low as you can.

To sign up for an audition, you should 'buy' a Cadenza Membership (top right of the screen) the same way you'd sign up for any other society. We'll then contact you with confirmation and provide you with the relevant WeTransfer links. Deadline for signing up is Sunday 11th October, and deadline for sending us videos is Wednesday 14th!

Good luck! We’re really looking forward to hearing from you all!

- Rob, Musical Director


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