Formation of the 8 Trigram Palm and Qing Imperial Osteopathy society

Now accepting applications

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The purpose of this society is to practise two things:

  1. The martial art Baguazhang (Eight Trigram Palm) - an internal fighting style rooted in fascia and nerve development and
  2. Qing Imperial Osteopathy - a traditional medical bone/joint massage method utilised by imperial physicians in the Qing Dynasty of China.

Both activities converge on the same core foundational training methods of standing meditation and push hands. The martial activity additionally involves barehanded and weapon-based solo/partner drills as well as sparring; the TCM activity involves practice of therapeutic joint manipulation. All members will begin with the same foundational training and may later on select a focus.

Sessions will be led by Alvin Lin, disciple of Shilei Guo. While Alvin is decidedly not a master of either art, he has enough of a foundation to get new students started.

We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications for both ordinary and committee membership. Please reach out to Alvin at to register interest or if you have questions for us.

Following are some videos from Master Guo's Youtube channel about what we do:

Push Hands

Qing Imperial Osteopathy

Tournament Fighting



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