Correction to Errors in Maths (UG) Electoral Roll

Statement from the Democracy Committee on changes made to voting eligibility for the Mathematics (UG) Subject Rep.


A copy of this statement is to be sent to affected students directly by the Faculty of Mathematics.

It has come to light that there was an error in the assignment of Part III Mathematics students to Subject Rep roles. The assignment of students to Subject Rep roles determines which roles they are eligible to stand and vote for. Students taking Part III as the fourth year of the Mathematics Tripos were incorrectly added to the electoral roll for the Mathematics (UG) rep, when in fact all Part III students should have been allocated to the Mathematics (PG) rep role. This meant that Part III students were not able to stand or vote for the PG role.

We received no nominations for the PG role, so a by-election will take place with the corrected electoral roll. More details about this by-election will follow soon.

For the UG role, all Part III students will be removed from the electoral roll and will no longer be able to vote. Any votes already cast by Part III students in elections which they are not eligible to participate in will be discounted. This is possible without anyone in the SU, Faculty or University being given access to how these students voted, so the integrity of the secret ballot will be maintained.

Candidates for the UG role who should not have been eligible will be disqualified from this election and contacted individually to instead encourage them to put themselves forward for the PG role. Votes cast by eligible voters in the UG rep election for any such candidates will be re-allocated to that voter’s next preference, as is the normal process for candidates who are withdrawn or are disqualified after the ballot is finalised.


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