Academic Reps By-Election Michaelmas 2020: Results

Academic Representative By-Election Results

See below results of the Michaelmas 2020 Academic Rep by-election for unfilled posts. The full counts are linked from the Democracy Committee page.

Post title Elected candidate
Business and Management (PG) - EMBA and MAcc - Rep Chilufya Mulenga
Business and Management (PG) - MPhil and PHD - Rep Marek Szeles
Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (PG) - Rep Ishbel Henderson
Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (UG) - Rep George Fulham
Classics (UG) - Rep Zaynab Ahmed
Council of the School of Technology: UG - Rep Caredig ap Tomos
East Asian Studies (PG) - Rep Mark Chen
East Asian Studies (UG) - Rep Jess Marais
Economics (PG) - PHD - Rep Lukas B. Freund
Economics (UG) - Part IIA/IIB - Rep George Gatsios
Education (PG) - PGCE - Rep Cat Jones
Engineering (PG) - Taught - Rep Weronika Lipien
HSPS (UG) - Rep Nancy Tupling
Mathematics (PG) - Rep Hugo Aaronson
Medicine (PG) - Cell biology, metabolism and genetics - Rep Anis Barmada
Medicine (PG) - Medicine, haematology and Cambridge Stem Cell Institute - Rep Mariana Quiroga Londoño
Modern Languages (PG) - Rep Cat Watts
Music (PG) - PHD - Rep David Cotter
Philosophy (PG) - Rep Nadia Ben Hassine
Philosophy (UG) - Rep Karolina Filova
Veterinary Medicine (UG) - Clinical - Rep Polly Hooton