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Check out our Virtual Refreshers for the chance to connect with different groups and gain an opportunity to build new friendships and discover new hobbies.

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After what's been a very unusual start to your year at university due to Covid, we know that student loneliness and isolation has had a large impact on being able to connect with groups within the Cambridge community. The term ahead may look very different now we are back in lockdown, but we hope our Virtual Refreshers will give students the chance to connect with different groups, find sources of support and offer an opportunity to build new friendships and discover new hobbies.

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Virtual Refreshers is a second chance to explore what the SU does, browse clubs and societies to get involved with and find out what events are happening. In light of the continued COVID-19 pandemic, we feel it's more important than ever to help Cambridge students connect with one another and enhance their student experience through discovering new hobbies, community groups and understanding the support options available to you. A small number of students will be joining the University community in January so if this is you, be sure to look at the Postgraduate welcome page to meet your Postgrad sabbatical officers and read our FAQs!


If you're interested in joining a new club or society now that you are more familiar with your workload, head over to the Try something new area where you will find links to Cambridge society profiles which give info about the group and will tell you how to join. For some societies, you'll simply check out a membership on the SU website but if there are other route to membership (e.g. tryouts/auditions), you'll find the links you need in the profile description box.


There are numerous ways you can enact change across the SU community, whether that be via an SU campaign, project or running to be part of our next sabbatical team. You'll find out more about these options and upcoming events on our Get Involved page.


So join us virtually today for a chance to explore all of the societies and groups Cambridge has to offer! Check out the site here:


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