I'm Harvey (he/him) and I'm your Welfare and Community Officer 2023-2024!

I've just finished a three-year undergrad in English, which was a challenging time, but the things that got me through were welfare support, community work and campaigning. Now I'm done (and have free time!), you'll probably find me ranting about land justice, running around Coldham's common, or in the pub. The last few years of snatching moments of rest and getting involved in student politics have come together into a love of Cambridge city and all the exciting places, people and possibilities, which feel very far away when you're underneath the unsustainable Cambridge workload. As a result, I'm prioritising two things this year: firstly, the bare minimum: structurally addressing workload (where's our reading week?) and, in tandem, increased opportunity for community engagement and solidarity -- I'd love you to be involved!

Feel free to reach out for a chat, a scheme or with any questions you have about Welfare and Community in the University.



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university Committees I sit on:

As your Welfare & Community Officer, I sit on the following University committees to help deliver institutional change and voice student concerns.

  • Accommodation Syndicate 
  • Banking Engagement Forum (BEF)
  • Carbon Offsetting Group (ESSC Sub-Committee)
  • Cambridge College Nurses Association (CCNA)
  • Consultative Committee for Safety & Subcttes
  • Environmental Sustainability Strategy Committee
  • Joint Wellbeing Committee JWC
  • Race Equality Charter Operational Group (OG)
  • Race Equality Charter Self-Assessment Team (SAT)
  • SRMH sub-group: Data
  • SRMH sub-group: Out of Hours
  • SRMH sub-group: Suicide Safer Strategy
  • Sub-Committee on Accessibility
  • Sub-committee for Biological Safety
  • College Wellbeing Stimulus Fund Committee