I’m Daisy (she/her) and I’ve just finished my English undergraduate at Robinson college. I’ve been part of student organising on issues such as the Living Wage, Climate, Rent, and more. After working on both my JCR and multiple SU Campaigns, I was frustrated with the way the university and colleges often fail to prioritise the wellbeing of their students and workers. I ran for the SU hoping to change this, and to foster a sense of community that addresses the student mental health crisis at its root. I’ll be campaigning for better student support services—including disciplinary procedure reform and intermission support—as well as on issues that affect student quality of life, like housing. I’m excited to work closely with the JCRs, student groups, and the local community, increasing collaboration in the city. Outside of campaigning, my favourite place to be is sitting by the river, especially when the cows are around. If you’re interested in welfare support or community projects send me a message or come down to the SU office for a chat!




university Committees I sit on:

As your Welfare & Community Officer, I sit on the following University committees to help deliver institutional change and voice student concerns.

  • Accomodation Syndicate
  • Advisory Group for Communicable Diseases
  • Colleges Nurses Committee
  • Consultative Committee for Safety & subcttes
  • Health & Wellbeing Committee
  • Race Equality Charter Operational Group (OG)
  • Race Equality Chater Self-Assessment Team (SAT)
  • Senior Tutors' Standing Committee on Student Finance and Welfare
  • Standing Joint Committee on Childcare for Students
  • Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Project Board
  • Sub-Committee on Accessibility
  • University Card Committee
  • University Counselling Service Executive Committee