Hi, I am Maroof Rafique (He/Him), and I am your Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) Officer
for 2023-24!

I have just completed my Master of Laws (LL.M) from the Darwin College. I joined for the
role because of my active engagement with the youth affairs in the past. With an experience
as a National Youth Policymaking Committee Head at UNDP and Chairperson for Standing
Committee on Electoral Reforms in the Youth Parliament of Pakistan, I intend to use my
skills for effective public policy development for Cambridge students. In addition to that, I
have also worked at the Federal Ombudsman for Protection Against Harassment which can
help me in my role for the Office of Student Conduct, Complaints and Appeals (OSSCA),
particularly in cases of sexual, academic & racial misconduct. Lastly, with my engagement as
an External Officer for Darwin College Student’s Association, my primary objectives for this
academic year include active collaboration and engagement with college student bodies
(JCRs/MCRs, etc), outreach involvement with the clubs & societies under the BME
campaign, and building positive relationships with third-party stakeholders (press,
government, NGOs, public entities, etc.) My priority focus areas for 2022-23 are listed below:

1. Decolonization
a) Decolonizing the Curriculum
b) Enslavement Report
c) Racial Equality Charter
d) Decolonization Hub
e) BME Student Fees & Funding

2. BME Awareness & Campaign
a) Celebrating diversity & inclusion
b) Student Engagement
c) Bicentennial Commemoration of the Anti-Slavery Society (1823-2023)
3. Collaborative Projects
a) Cost of Living Crisis
b) Mental Health Change Program
c) Black Advisory Hub

In short, my aim is to make the Cambridge SU a friendly & welcoming place for all, and to
ensure that all students have an enjoyable, enriching, and safe experience whilst at the
Cambridge University, regardless of race, ethnicity, or cultural background. After all, true
diversity is a rich tapestry of threads having equal value no matter what the colour is!

Empathetically Yours,


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university Committees I sit on:

As your BME Officer, I sit on the following University committees to help deliver institutional change and voice student concerns.

  • Race Equality Charter Self-Assessment Team & Operational Team (REC SAT & OP)
  • Language Centre Committee of Management (LCCM)
  • Discipline Committee & Office of Student Conduct, Complaints and Appeals (OSCCA)
  • Blank Advisory Hub
  • Equality & Diversity (EDI) Committee
  • Senior Tutors Committee (as a facilitator)
  • BME Advisory Group—Joint Wellbeing Committee