Hi, my name is Neve (she/her), and I'm your new Undergrad Access, Education and Participation Officer! There's a lot going on in my role, and I spend a lot of time in committees advocating for students' interests (this year I'm focused on lecture recordings with closed captioning and alternative exam arrangements) and steering the university in the right direction when it comes to access projects and priorities. If you're interested in getting involved with some access yourself, I'm also the lead sabb on the Shadowing Scheme, which is Cambridge SU's main access project- keep an eye out for when sign ups open in Michaelmas!



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university Committees I sit on:

As your Access, Education & Participation Officer (UG), I sit on the following University committees to help deliver institutional change and voice student concerns.

  • Academic Standards & Enhancement Committee
  • Access and Participation Plan Scrutiny Group (APPSG)
  • Admissions Assessment Steering Group (AASG)
  • Admissions Forum
  • Alumni Advisory Board Communications Working Group
  • Bangledeshi, Pakistani and Arab Access and Widening Participation working group
  • Black Access & Widening Participation Working group
  • Cambridge Bursary Scheme Sub-Group (CBSSG)
  • Cambridge Outreach Strategic Group (COSG)
  • CUL decolonisation working group
  • Exam & Assessment Committee
  • Foundation Year Management Committee
  • General Board
  • General Board's Education Committee
  • Hardship Committee
  • Information and Publications Sub Group (IPSG)
  • Libraries Education Advisory group
  • Libraries Syndicate
  • Schools Liason Officer Group (SLOG)
  • Senior Tutors' Standing Committee on Education
  • STEM SMART Steering Group
  • Student Information Systems Committee
  • Student Skills Advisory Group
  • Student Support Initiative Steering Group
  • Technology Enabled Learning, Teaching, and Assessment Working Group
  • Transition & Bridging Project Board
  • Undergraduate Admissions Committee
  • Working Party on Outreach Evaluation