Hi, I’m Caredig (He/Him) and I am your UG Access, Education and Participation Officer.

I recently finished 4 years of studying Chemical Engineering via Natural Sciences at Magdalene College. I have been working with the SU since my second year; first as an academic rep for the School of Technology and on the shadowing scheme as my college JCR’s access officer, and then later as the Student Council Deputy Chair and on the SU’s Democracy Committee. Having spent much of my free time working on widening participation and representing students, I decided to run for the AEP role where I could do both full-time. My role is to represent students on a vast array of committees related to education, with the main ones being the General Board’s Education Committee (GBEC) and the General Board of the Faculties. GBEC is where most decisions about students are made by the university, including ones not about teaching, while general board makes many of the university’s high-level decisions. I also sit on a number of committees around widening participation and admissions.

I will be spending much of my time over the coming year working on projects such as the reading week campaign, universal lecture capture and the SU’s shadowing scheme. I will also be helping JCR access officers with the student-led access fund, and assisting academic reps in any of their needs. If you are interested in getting involved in access or education work please do reach out.


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University Committees I sit on:

As your Access, Education & Participation Officer (UG), I sit on the following University committees to help deliver institutional change and voice student concerns.

  • Academic Standards and Enhancement Committee (ASEC)
  • Access and Participation Plan Scrutiny Group (APPSG)
  • Admissions Assessment Steering Group (AASG)
  • Admissions Forum
  • Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Arab Access and Widening Participation working group
  • Black Access & Widening Participation working group
  • Cambridge Bursary Scheme Sub-Group (CBSSG)
  • Cambridge Outreach Strategic Group (COSG)
  • COSG Collaborative Outreach Task and Finish group
  • Steering Group for the review of Examination and Assessment Adjustments, Allowances and Mitigations
  • Carbon Offsetting Group
  • CUL Decolonisation working group
  • Digital Admissions Working Group
  • Foundation Year Management Committee
  • General Board
  • General Board's Education Committee
  • Hardship Committee
  • Information and Publications Sub Group (IPSG)
  • Libraries Education Advisory Group
  • Libraries Syndicate
  • Resit Task & Finish Group
  • Senior Tutors' Standing Committee on Education
  • STEM SMART Steeing Group
  • Student Skills Working Group
  • Teaching Review Task & Finish Group
  • Undergraduate Admissions Committee