Describe your role at Cambridge SU

I am the Postgraduate President of Cambridge SU. I represent all postgraduates within the university and work to make the PG life more meaningful and manageable throughout your time here. In practical terms this means sitting on (way too many) committees and fighting for postgraduate inclusion, creating campaigns to improve postgraduate life, and working with students to advocate on your behalf on issues you care about.


Why did you run for the role?

After a year of being your PG Access, Education, and Participation officer, I knew my work was nowhere close to being over. There are so many unresolved issues for postgraduates within the university of Cambridge that, even after fighting for a year, only a small portion of them are getting better. Postgraduates are an integral part of the university but often overlooked and deprioritised in policy, provision, and university attention. While this may be slowly changing, it is only because of the advocacy of students like you and Cambridge SU. This year I will work to get postgraduate issues front and centre in the eyes of the University.


What did you want to achieve over the year ahead/what are you most looking forward to?

Last year, as PG AEP, we had some big wins for postgraduate students, such as scrapping the £75 doctoral application fee and reducing the Master’s application fee. We also published the Supervisory Relations Report and from this made the university focus on better training for supervisors, and better welfare provision for postgraduates within colleges.This year I will follow on from a consultation I and the old PG president Anjum conducted and create universal guidance for PhD students to change supervisors and look at better models of supervision. I will also focus on Master’s provision and funding, campaigning for more master’s funding overall and that postgraduate students feel catered for and included once they start Cambridge.I will also make use of the wider president portfolio to focus on the Climate Emergency. This includes pushing for degasification of estates; making the university divest from fossil fuels; creating a better travel plan for students and staff to encourage sustainable travel and transport; and focussing on the intersectionality of the climate movement, acknowledging that Cambridge University is in a privileged position to the rest of the UK and world and has the opportunity to be a world leader in the climate movement.


Which college you are from and what did you study?

I did an MPhil in Sociology (looking at social media algorithms and climate change) at Lucy Cavendish College.


Were you part of any clubs and societies?

I played rugby for CURUFC, frisbee for Strange Blue, danced with CUDT, and was part of the assassins guild! I also dance flamenco not with Cambridge university.


What is your favourite place in Cambridge and why?

A close tie between Lucy Cavendish Cafe and Newnham College gardens, both wholesome and relaxing places!




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university Committees I sit on:

As your President (PG), I sit on the following University committees to help deliver institutional change and voice student concerns.

  • Alumni Advisory Board
  • Cambridge Zero management committee
  • Campaign Advisory Group
  • Careers Service Committee
  • Council Committee for the Supervision of Students' Unions
  • Fees and Funding sub-committee
  • Industrial Action Taskforce
  • PGR Supervisor Training Working Group
  • Planning and Resources Committee
  • Postgraduate Admissions Committee (PAC)
  • Postgraduate Committee
  • Postgraduate Tutors' Committee
  • Prevent & Freedom Of Speech Committee
  • Research Culture Taskforce
  • Resource Management Committee
  • Senior Tutors' Committee
  • Societies Syndicate
  • Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Project Board
  • Student Number working group
  • University Council
  • Welfare and Student Experience subgroup