NUS Reps

Each year, Cambridge students elect seven reps who will go to NUS National Conference. Three of those reps must self identify as a woman.

NUS is the National Union of Students, the organisation formed out of ‘constituent’ students’ unions in Higher Education and Further Education across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

NUS represents students on a national scale, lobbies the government, supports individual students’ unions and campaigns on a variety of issues directed by the student membership. As a delegate, you’re a vital part of setting NUS’ direction for the year to come.

If you want to secure a change in the way Universities are run, or a government policy that impacts students, or the work NUS currently does for students, you could run to be an NUS delegate.

This year, NUS Conference will take place in Blackpool over Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th April 2024.

FAQs about NUS Conference and being a Rep

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* Students of African, Arab, Asian and Caribbean heritage are all represented by the Black Students’ Network.