College Forum is a meeting consisting of JCR and MCR representatives, usually J/MCR presidents. This is an opportunity for J/MCRs to connect and meet each-other, talk about issues in their respective colleges, share ideas and good practice, and receive support from Cambridge SU. This forum is co-chaired by the Cambridge SU Presidents but is led by the J/MCRs and their agenda. College Forum meets at least 3 times in the Michaelmas and Lent terms, and at least once in the Easter term. There will also be social opportunities after the forum to meet fellow student representatives more informally. To submit agenda items or receive support please contact:

vareesh.pratap (PG President)
(UG President)

Minutes for College Forum may be accessed here.


Academic Rep forum

Academic Rep Forum is an opportunity for academic reps around the university to discuss issues within their subjects, receive help and guidance on campaigns and problems arising in their subject. They also receive training on how to be a rep, how to attend committees and how to influence university governance. The members of Academic Rep Forum consist of Faculty and Department Representatives, Schools Representatives, college-level Academic Affairs Officers, Education Officers for postgraduate and undergraduate study. It is chaired by the undergraduate and postgraduate Access, Education and Participation officers and has a member of SU support staff - the Academic Rep Coordinator. Academic Rep Forum meets once every two weeks.
To submit agenda items or receive support please contact:

(Academic Rep coordinator)


Access Officer forum

Access Officer Forum is a meeting of college (J/MCR) access officers that discusses access issues within their college and an opportunity to learn and get involved in Cambridge SU’s wider access initiatives. Access Officer Forum is open to all access officers and any interested representatives, from EDI officers to housing officers. This forum provides help and guidance to develop access projects across Cambridge, as well as opportunities to meet fellow interested students. This forum meets twice a term and is generally split into Undergraduate and Postgraduate specific forums. To submit agenda items or receive support please contact:

(Activities Coordinator - Access & WP)

We also run forums for other roles throughout the year. You can see any upcoming forums on our calendar.