Signatures on student fly-sheets are currently collected via Cambridge SU. You should email if you wish to submit a new fly-sheet for signatures, or you can sign existing fly-sheets below.

What is a fly-sheet?

Fly-sheets are statements issued in advance of ballots of the Regent House to enable members of the University community to make their views known to those voting. They are brought to the attention of members of the Regent House ahead of votes.

For a full explanation of fly-sheet and their role in the University's governance please visit the university website.

Statements issued by registered students and sabbatical officers of Cambridge Students' Union

The procedure...for the issue of fly-sheets by members of the Regent House will apply mutatis mutandis to fly-sheets issued in connection with ballots of the Regent House by registered students and sabbatical officers of the University of Cambridge Students’ Union (the Union). The Vice-Chancellor may, however, determine on a particular occasion that such members may not submit fly-sheets. Fly-sheets must be signed by ten such members, of whom at least five must be from among the following: the sabbatical officers of the Union, the three student members of the Council, the Presidents of College Junior Combination Rooms and Middle Combination Rooms (or their equivalents) and, in the case of a proposal from a Faculty Board or similar body, the student members of the body concerned. The Council has agreed that the Vice-Chancellor may, for reasons of economy, limit the number of such fly-sheets to be published on any occasion and that such a limitation may be announced at the outset or when the total number of fly-sheets is known. Fly-sheets signed by such members will be circulated to members of the Regent House only.

Sign Student Flysheets

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