Withdrawal of Candidate - Callum Pretty

Callum Pretty has withdrawn from the election for English (UG) Subject Rep

Tue 14 Nov 2023

Withdrawal of Candidate - Georgie Warner

Georgie Warner has withdrawn from the election for Women's Officer

Wed 10 May 2023

Withdrawal of Candidate - Manav Divecha

Manav Divecha has withdrawn from the election for Access, Education & Participation Officer (UG)

Mon 27 Feb 2023
Student Council. "Who in their right minds would join the student union?": Response. By Fergus Kirma

“Who in their right minds would join the Student Union?”: Response

A recent comment piece in this Varsity heaped criticism on the Student Union (SU), centring on the contention that SU Council is unfit for purpose. I believe I’m in a suitable position to challenge these claims.

Wed 19 Oct 2022

Blog Post: NUS Conference Day 3

Thu 08 Apr 2021
ConferenceCost of livingFinancemental healthNUS

Blogpost: NUS Conference Day 1

Tue 06 Apr 2021
Anti-racismCampaignConferenceDecolonizationDelegatesDigital PovertyEducationHousingMarketisationNUSTuition

Democracy Committee Minutes - Lent Elections 2021

Minutes of meetings of the Democracy Committee during the 2021 Lent Elections period.

Mon 08 Mar 2021

Withdrawal of Candidate - Liam Webb

Liam Webb has withdrawn from the election for President (PG)

Sun 28 Feb 2021

Democracy Committee Minutes - 11/02/21

By-Laws Review Timetable, Lent Elections planning, Election Rules

Fri 19 Feb 2021

NUS Delegate By-Election - Results

Brittany Bursa was elected as NUS Delegate.

Thu 04 Feb 2021

Outcome of Elections appeal

Outcome of an appeal against a ruling on the conduct of the Mathematics (UG) Rep Ballot, held as part of the SU Michaelmas Elections.

Wed 09 Dec 2020

Academic Reps By-Election Michaelmas 2020: Results

Results of the Michaelmas 2020 Academic Rep by-election for unfilled posts are now available.

Fri 04 Dec 2020

Democracy Committee Minutes - 19/11

Minutes of a meeting of the Democracy Committee held on 19th December 2020

Wed 25 Nov 2020

Ruling on Election for Mathematics (UG) Subject Representative

Ruling of the Democracy Committee on complaints received regarding the Maths (UG) Subject Rep

Tue 24 Nov 2020

Correction to Errors in Maths (UG) Electoral Roll

Statement from the Democracy Committee on changes made to voting eligibility for the Mathematics (UG) Subject Rep.

Mon 16 Nov 2020

Democracy Committee Minutes - 02/11

Minutes of a meeting of the Democracy Committee held on 2nd November 2020 covering Michaelmas Elections and review of the By-Laws.

Mon 09 Nov 2020