Edward Parker Humphreys, CUSU President 2019-2020


In recent years, student loneliness has attracted increasing attention within the Higher Education sector. This report offers a more detailed understanding of this issue within Cambridge, drawing on data from the CUSU Student Loneliness Survey. 


It is clear from this report that student loneliness is a major problem within Cambridge which is not sufficiently addressed at present. Over the coming months, I will be helping develop a Student Loneliness Strategy for the University focused on tackling this issue. This strategy will consider how feelings of loneliness and isolation among students can be identified, how the University can provide more opportunities for students to socialise and meet new people, and how the wider issues which contribute to student loneliness, such as workload, can be addressed.




The Student Loneliness Strategy follows on from the Report and is complete with a number of key recommendations for the University to consider. This report will mark a crucial first step in tackling student loneliness in Cambridge and enable concrete action to be taken.


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