Mark Checks

If applying for an Examination Review and/or an Examination Allowance does not apply to your situation and you feel you deserved a different result, you could request a mark check.

You, your Director of Studies or your Tutor could contact your department which should have a process in place to provide mark checks.

The mark check process should:

  • check that your marks on individual questions/papers have been added up correctly
  • ensure all your answer booklets have been marked by the Examiners
  • check that any reasonable adjustments relating to the marking of your assessments have been put in place

Information from the University on mark checks can be accessed here.

exam feedback

In line with information from the University, students can receive feedback from External Examiners' reports and any responses to them.

Students may also request internal Examiners' reports including comments about the cohort's performance as a whole.

You, your College Tutor or your Director of Studies could contact the department administrator who could provide further information on obtaining feedback on exams.

Further information can be found here.


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