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Describe your role at Cambridge SU:

I represent the interests of postgraduate students at University level decision making bodies, in addition to running campaigns that benefit postgraduate education, research and wellbeing. I also act as a trustee of Cambridge SU, working to improve its strategic vision so that it can provide excellent services during this academic year and beyond.


Why did you run for the role?

I was inspired by the old sabbatical officer team and the huge wins that they secured during the previous academic year. As an experienced student campaigner with knowledge of political affairs at other universities, I strongly believe that Cambridge SU is one of the best of its kind and I wanted to play a part in securing its future as a Union that works for all students.


What are your top priorities this year?

I want to continue the good work undertaken by last year’s sabbatical officer team on issues related to improving research cultures in University departments (and, specifically, relationships between supervisors and their students), furthering the UCU’s anti-casualisation campaign, and obtaining funding extensions for PhDs. 

I also want to ensure that the SU has a fully developed comms strategy that would make it a more visible and high profile institution in the eyes of the student body. Covid-19 has not gone away, and I want to make certain that postgraduate students still receive satisfactory teaching provisions during the academic year in light of the demands of hybrid learning which will particularly affect this years’ master’s cohort.


What did you study?

I did an MPhil in English at Murray Edwards College.


What do you do when you’re not at Cambridge SU?

In the evenings, I’m either reading a book, cooking up something veggie, or on the phone to one of my three younger sisters. If its a weekend, (when it’s not lockdown) I’ve probably taken the train down to London or Bristol to visit friends.


Favourite place in Cambridge?

I’ve seen an incredible number of Muntjac deer at the back of Murray Edwards, near the entrance that leads to Madingley Road. Deer watching kept me sane while I was writing my dissertation. Also, the Murray Edwards gardeners are fantastic and the college is brimming with a huge array of colourful flowers in the spring and summer. For these reasons, I’d have to say this very specific bit of my ex college is my favourite spot in Cambridge.





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