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Describe your role at Cambridge SU:

My role as President (Postgraduate) is to represent and lobby for student interests at the University and College level decision making bodies. Internally, within the Cambridge SU, I will be working with the elected Sabbatical team, the Membership team and the Board of Trustees to consolidate organisational structure and strategic plans that strengthen the Cambridge SU’s capacity to represent student interests.


Why did you run for the role?

Since 2014, I have engaged as student representative at the Institute of Criminology and St Edmund’s College. Through my work in the department, college and as an employee of the Graduate Union, I believe I have gained valuable experience of student life and university mechanisms. I see the how important it is to continue a culture of strong student representation for structural reforms in the university.


What are your top priorities this year?

I will focus on ensuring fair treatment for students as University research teaching and learning are re-imagined amidst the COVID pandemic. I will work to strengthen the Cambridge’s SU’s relationship with J/MCRs, Department and Faculty Representatives to achieve better support for student mental health which is affected by structural factors such as: relationships with supervisors and college tutors, access to mental health services and funding. I will work with student groups and societies to lobby for decolonization, divestment and demilitarization in the University. The concerns of postgraduate students are my top priority.


What did you study?

I did a MPhil and PhD in Criminology. I researched the policing of domestic violence in Nepal.


What do you do when you’re not at Cambridge SU?

I’m usually found spending time with my friends: having long conversations or helping out in their building and gardening projects.


Favourite place in Cambridge?

The market square. There is always something new to see there.




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