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Describe your role at Cambridge SU:

I’m the Disabled Students’ Officer, which means my role is to represent Disabled Students and their needs within the University. As part of this, I run the Disabled Students’ Campaign, which hosts events and forums for disabled students, and is a wonderful community of students with a variety of different disabilities, mental health conditions, chronic illnesses and neurodivergences. 


Why did you run for this role?

I’ve been heavily involved in the Disabled Students Campaign since I started at Cambridge in 2015. The DSC has offered me so much support and has been a wonderful community all through my time here, and I really wanted the opportunity to give back to disabled students in this university, and also push for changes that we desperately need at a difficult time like now. I have a wonderful committee and I really hope I can do them proud!


What are your top priorities this year?

I want to work hard to ensure that the steps the university has taken to improve accessible teaching provision for online study during the pandemic aren’t lost when we go back to in person teaching. Online learning can be so valuable to disabled students for a number of reasons and it's important that we can continue to offer a variety of teaching and learning methods. I’ll also be working with the DRC to facilitate integrating Student Support Documents into CamSIS to allow for more streamlined support.


What did you study?

I studied MML at Emmanuel. I did French and Italian, but focused mainly on Italian and spent my year abroad in Milan. My final year dissertation looked at the representation of disabled people in European cinema.


What do you do when you’re not at Cambridge SU?

In my spare time I love sewing, especially embroidery. I also love photography, and I collect vintage cameras and typewriters!


Favourite place in Cambridge?

A little predictable, but I love the gardens in Emma! I spent most of the first lockdown in college when it was fairly empty and I got so much joy sitting by the pond every day and feeding the ducklings! 



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