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Describe your role at Cambridge SU:

My role, along with my undergraduate counterpart, is to engage with the University in discussions about access and widening participation for disadvantaged students, and the education students undertake here. We also lead on the University’s academic rep system – ensuring that student voices are heard within the academic departments. Postgraduate access has come to the fore recently for the university and I want to make sure conversations and actions are continually generated to make sure the postgraduate experience is a good one at Cambridge!



Why did you run for the role?

When entering Cambridge as a MPhil student, I already noticed the inequalities in introductions, teaching and cost compared to the undergraduate degrees. This was also compounded by being an academic rep and seeing how long it would generally take for issues in our courses to be listened to and acted upon. This is why I ran for this role – to get more representation and action on postgraduate access and make sure that postgraduates are considered in the same breath as other students. I want to make sure that postgraduate access, education, and participation issues are brought to the forefront of the university agenda.


What are your top priorities for the year?

My first and largest priority will be scrapping the postgraduate application fee – which currently stands at £75 per application and is a large barrier to access. In general, the Cambridge system for funding is hard to navigate, leaving a lot of self-funded PG students with little support or clear guidance. This is why I also aim to make clear signposting for PG funding. I am also keen to listen to PG access and education issues as they arise, to do this we are establishing a PG Widening Participation working group so students and societies can relay their concerns and suggestions. Lastly, I will be working with the PG president and other sabbatical officers to improve working conditions and rights for PhD and postdoctoral students working as supervisors and any PG student treated as staff.


What did you study?

I studied MPhil Sociology at Lucy Cavendish College


What do you do when you’re not at Cambridge SU?

I enjoy dancing flamenco, playing rugby, baking, and a good board games night with friends!


Favourite place in Cambridge

The Lucy Cav café – great paninis and even nicer people.





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