Tools & Apps to help you through exams

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Tools and apps to help you through exams


Easter term means one thing, exams! 

With exams and assessments coming up, we want to help make this term go by as smoothly and stress-free as possible. We’ve collated a list of apps, tools and guides that can assist students in organising their study schedules, improving productivity, and enhancing their overall exam preparation. In this article, we will explore some of the top apps that are indispensable for students during exam time.

Study tools:

  • Evernote - Evernote is a versatile note-taking app that allows students to create and organize their study notes efficiently. Its seamless integration across devices makes it a go-to app for students.

  • Todoist - Staying organized is essential during exam time, and Todoist helps students achieve just that. This app allows users to create to-do lists, set reminders, and prioritise tasks. Students can tackle their workload efficiently by breaking down larger study goals into manageable tasks.


  • Flow- Flow is a Pomodoro based focus timer, to help increase productivity and is free to use. With the app you can block other apps, so if like most of us you find yourself in a TikTok hole more often than not then this app is for you.

  • Forest - Forest helps you stay focused on what is important by pulling on your heartstrings. Your focus is measured by keeping a plant alive and letting it flourish into a tree or even a forest.  Your tree will progressively grow whilst you stay focused, however, if you leave the app halfway into your focus time the tree will die. An added bonus to the app is Forest work with partners to plant real trees and has so far planted over 1.5mil. 

Revision tools 

  • Quizlet- Quizlet is an app that allows you to create flashcards and practice tests in your chosen subject. Over 60 million students around the world are already using the app! 

  • AnikaApp - Anika is a cross-platform flashcard app. You can make flashcards with just text or shake it up using sound & images, whatever suits your way of studying. Check out the app here.

Students Advice Service ‘Guide to getting through exams’

Our Advice team have compiled a useful exam guide providing information from sitting your exams to receiving your results. If you need extra support during this stressful time, you can contact our advisor to request an appointment. 

The apps and guides mentioned above offer a variety of features to assist you in your exam preparation journey. From organising study materials and managing time to enhancing focus, these apps can provide invaluable support. Why not give some of them a go? 




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