Exams: looking after your wellbeing

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Although Cambridge terms are short, they can be intense and keep you very busy. It is important not only to do well academically but to also make time to look after yourself, as your wellbeing will likely have an impact on all aspects of your life. 

It may sometimes be difficult to take notice of your feelings, particularly when schedules are busy and you may have little time to reflect on your day.

These common signs might help you identify if your wellbeing is affected: 

  • Not socialising;

  • Changes in appetite: little, no appetite or too much;

  • Sleeping more or less than usual or finding it difficult to fall or stay asleep.


Reach out for help

If you notice any unusual changes in your behaviour, reaching out for help is the first step towards improving your wellbeing. Speak with a friend, family member, or someone in your College such as your Tutor, the College Nurse or the Head of Wellbeing/Wellbeing Advisor. In the University, you can access support from the University Counselling Service. They offer one-at-a-time counselling and group workshops. Further information about wellbeing and mental health support from the University, College and external can be accessed on the Student Support pages here


Things you can do to boost your mental wellbeing if you do not have a lot of time

5 minutes

  • Make a cup of tea and enjoy it undistracted;

  • Write a to-do list;

  • Text a friend.


10 minutes

  • Do a guided meditation;

  • Go for a walk;

  • Do a quick tidy and clean of your room/workspace;

  • Listen to your favourite songs.


30 minutes

  • Take exercise - yoga, a run, a bike ride, a walk;

  • Call a friend or family member for a catch-up;

  • Have a nap.


1 hour or more

  • Watch an episode of your favourite TV show or a film;

  • Go for coffee, lunch or dinner with a friend;

  • Do a social activity, such as playing a board or a card game;

  • Cook or bake something tasty.

Source: Student Minds


Access confidential and independent support

If you wish to speak with someone or are unsure where to turn to, reach out to the Student Advice Service and an Advisor would be happy to help. They can provide a listening ear, help you explore your options (such as taking time off your studies/intermission) and signpost you to specialist sources of support. Please follow this link to make an appointment with an Advisor or to contact the Service by email: https://www.cambridgesu.co.uk/advice/student-advice-service/contact/



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