Drug Harm Reduction Resources



This webpage provides a centralised list of resources for students who are struggling with Alcohol or Drug use.

We wish to promote a culture of ‘harm reduction’ which does not advocate for zero-drug use but instead attempts to diminish the harm caused by drugs and alcohol by sharing information and helping students to be safe when using drugs.

We hope you will feel confident to reach out to any of the existing Cambridge Support services concerning your relationship with illegal drugs without worry that you will be reported. 



In the Students’ Union, you can access confidential, independent and non-judgemental support from the Student Advice Service. We will provide a safe space for you where you can share your experiences and discuss your concerns. We can help you identify support available from your College, University and external and, if you wish, help you access further support. 

Our confidentiality policy indicates that no information you share with us will be disclosed to any third party without having your express prior permission to do so. This includes not confirming that you have used or are using the service without your consent. There may be instances where we need to break confidentiality, such as where there appears to be a serious and imminent risk to the student's own or to others' safety. More information can be accessed here.



Safer Drug Use - National Harm Reduction Coalition provides information for safer drug use aiming to reduce the risk of negative outcomes from using drugs. It offers practical advice and information on:

  • using safe supplies;

  • fact sheets on drug use and overdose prevention tips by and for people who use drugs;

  • being prepared in the event of an overdose, etc.

A resource library including factsheets, webinars and training guides can be accessed here.


Talk to Frank provides honest information about drugs including facts about drugs, news and articles on topics such as protecting yourself on a night out against spiking, cannabis edibles and ecstasy. Here, you can access practical advice on what to do in an emergency such as signs to look for that may indicate an emergency situation, the recovery position, calling emergency services and what happens in A&E, etc. 


Drug Wise provides evidence-based information on drugs, alcohol and tobacco.


The Loop provides drug-checking services, training and harm-reduction information with the help of a team of professional chemists. For instance, the drug-checking service usually found on-site at festivals allows a potential drug user to bring a substance of concern for testing. The service user returns for a health care consultation with a professional who discusses the result with them, risk reduction, risks of overdose, poisoning, dehydration, polydrug use and chronic harm. Their resources can be accessed here.


Drugs and Me Hub (Instagram account) offers factual information on different types of drugs to promote safer, smarter and healthier drug use. 


Students for Sensible Drug Policy (please also see https://www.ssdp-intl.org/) is an international organisation that advocates for safer drug use in universities. 


The University Counseling Service website lists further resources on safer drug and alcohol use, and sources of support for drug and alcohol addiction and recovery from addiction.


Students Organising for Sustainability provide a list of informative resources to help with drug and alcohol harm reduction. Some of these are:



Support is available from the University and your College. Speak with your Tutor, the Head of Wellbeing/a Wellbeing Adviser, or someone you trust.

Change Grow Live - Drug and Alcohol Cambridgeshire is a service that helps people recover from addiction. The centre is located at Mill House on Mill Road, next to The Edge Café. More information on opening times and how they can help can be found on their website.

Tel: 0300 555 0101 (local rate charges) or cambridgeshirereferrals@cgl.org.uk


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