The College Transfer Procedures have been suspended with effect from 31 May 2023 at 5 pm.

Any transfer requests that have already been submitted to, or approved by, the Panel before this date and all ongoing cases will be progressed in the usual way.

If you experience issues with your College and wish to discuss your options please speak with your Senior Tutor or another senior member of your College. You could also speak with one of our Advisors who can help you navigate your options.


Informal Process

If you feel you have compelling reasons to request a transfer to another College, you could explore the informal process. When you and your Senior Tutor agree that you have the grounds to change colleges and this would be the best course of action, the Senior Tutor can try and facilitate a college transfer by communicating with Senior Tutors in other colleges. This is what is called the informal process.

The Student Advice Service can support students through this process. We can also support students who don’t have the grounds to change college by helping them explore how they can improve their experience within their current college.