There are lots of ways the SU can help support you in your role. Do come along to the in-person/remote meetings and events, get in touch with SU sabbs, staff members, and campaigns for specific assistance, and use our all new website features!

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Academic Forum

This is a fortnightly meeting of Academic Reps from across faculties, departments, and schools to explore current issues and campaigns, seek advice from relevant SU staff, and to discuss and feed into university-wide educational conversations. It’s also a space to suggest policy for the SU on how the sabbs can better campaign at a university-level for educational improvement. 



Training usually runs straight after the elections for Academic Reps in late Michaelmas. If you think you could do with a top-up of skills or knowledge, however, do get in touch with the Access, Education, and Participation Officers or Student Rep Coordinator who will be able to meet with you and run you through training.


Access, Education, and Participation Officers (UG & PG)

The AEP Officers are the full-time student representatives who represent all students to the university on educational matters. They support Academic Reps in their campaigning work in their individual academic institutions and act as the final layer in academic representation, starting with Subject Reps in faculties and departments and then School Reps in Schools. They can provide valuable insight into the university’s priorities on education as well as skills and knowledge training on various issues. Do get in touch with them if you are working on a campaign or have an idea and they’ll be able to suggest where to go next and provide support.


Student Rep Coordinator

The Student Rep Coordinator is a member of full-time SU staff who supports both AEPs and Academic Reps in their campaigning work, as well as overseeing training and the Academic Rep elections. They can also pull relevant data from the Big Cambridge Survey that might be able to help you or work with you to perform your own data collection.


SU Campaigns

The SU has seven campaigns which campaign on particular issues or on behalf of particular groups of students. If you want to do work that affects particular groups of students or is concerned with wider ethical issues, do get in touch with the relevant campaign for advice and support.