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Describe your role at Cambridge SU:

As the Women’s Officer for Cambridge SU my role involves representing students for whom “woman” constitutes a part of their gender identity. The majority of my campaigning work takes place through the SU Women’s Campaign, working with undergraduate and postgraduate students at weekly forums on important women’s issues. I also act as an advocate for Women & Non-binary students on University committees and within the students union. Other aspects of my role involve creating spaces for the students I represent through organising events such as Reclaim the Night, the anti-heteronomativity party and other spaces for socialising. I am held accountable through the Women’s Campaign constitution and the campaign committee. 


Why did you run for this role?

I ran this role because I wanted to ensure that the interests of women and non-binary students are a prime consideration in University decision-making. Throughout my own time as an Undergraduate, I felt the need for a stronger sense of community amongst women and non-binary students and wanted to strengthen this aspect of the Women’s Campaigns work. Involvement in student activism over the past three years highlighted to me the potential of the Students' Union to bring together marginalised groups across a horizontal college structure. 

What are your top priorities this year?

My main priorities this year will be advocating for safety on campus, whether this be through improved consent education or lobbying for improvements to disciplinary procedures and support for victims of sexual violence.  I also want to improve student engagement with the Women’s Campaign through democratising forum procedures and building an inclusive community environment amongst women and non-binary students. 

What did you study?

History and Politics at St Catharine’s College. 

What do you do when you’re not at Cambridge SU?

When I am not working at Cambridge SU I really enjoy cooking, poetry writing and (lots) of reading. I also am involved in lots of other campaigning work and regular Taekwondo training. 

Favourite place in Cambridge?

My favourite place in Cambridge is on ‘Orgasm Bridge’. I love taking a second to pause on my bike and look at the beautiful view. It also brings back memories of walking back to my accommodation with an ice-cream during Easter term.





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