Cambridge University Jazz Society, JazzSoc; The hub for jazz within the University of Cambridge.

Cambridge University Jazz Society (JazzSoc) was founded in November 2021, to serve as a new hub for Cambridge jazz, and to centralise student jazz within the university. JazzSoc is the centre of an exciting and thriving jazz scene in Cambridge. Our mission is to support jazz across the university, welcome in exceptional talent, and create a radically inclusive musical, social and cultural space in Cambridge, further enabling jazz to thrive within the university.

JazzSoc is an inclusive space in which: musicians can forge connections; jazz enthusiasts can perform, gain recognition and meet new people; students can be introduced to jazz and its wonders; and where people can come for an exciting and friendly evening and a great night out.

JazzSoc hosts a variety of events, which include gig+jam nights (‘Gig Nights’) at Hidden Rooms, masterclasses, workshops and social events for members. We work hard to make our events inclusive, accessible and exciting for all students interested in jazz.

JazzSoc also works to centralise all communication about jazz in Cambridge. On our website you can find information about jazz events in Cambridge (beyond the JazzSoc run events), auditions happening for jazz ensembles, bands to book for events, and a deps list.

Most of our events take place at Hidden Rooms on Jesus Lane.

To find out more, please visit our website camjazzsoc.com