CUTEC is a leading student-run organisation that seeks to nurture and enhance the entrepreneurial spirit among academics and students. Please visit https://www.cutec.io for more information.

In short:

CUTEC is a leading student-run organisation that seeks to nurture and enhance the entrepreneurial spirit among academics and students.

Please visit https://www.cutec.io/ for more information

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To learn about all upcoming events, please sign up to our mailing list at https://www.cutec.io/join-us, or find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/cutec.cambridge

Entrepreneurial Networking Events

Facilitating networks between (student-)founders, investors, academics, and all with a strong interest in technology entrepreneurship in and around Cambridge is one of our core activities. Sadly, in-person events are currently difficult to organise, however we have a set of Live-Webinars with a networking component coming up, and we will organise in-person events, when possible!

CUTalks by CUTEC Podcast

CUTalks by CUTEC is a podcast featuring typical and not-so-typical stories of tech-founders from Cambridge and beyond. CUTalks is released fortnightly on all major platforms (Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes, and our website!)

Find all current episodes, visit https://www.cutec.io/cutalks

Live-Webinars and Blog

We host webinars, Q&A sessions, and fireside chats with entrepreneurship luminaries, with recent guests such as Steve Blank and Nobel Laureate Mohammad Yunus.

Upcoming webinars are announced via our mailing list and facebook!

In addition, we recently launched a Blog for fascinating insights around technology entrepreneurship, how-tos and further engagement with the CUTalks podcast.

CUTEC CoffeeClub

The CUTEC Coffee Club is your chance to meet with fellow members of the Cambridge Science & Tech entrepreneurial community. Tell us who you are, and who you'd love to meet, and be matched up for a 15-30 minute coffee every two weeks. We'll send you an email introducing you to your partner, though it's up to you to sync up.

Whether you’re looking for a business partner, a Hackathon team mate or just an interesting chat, this is you’re chance to make meaningful connections within the Cambridge community


Learn more about us at https://www.cutec.io/about

Our Mission

The Cambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club`s mission is to enhance the entrepreneurial spirit amongst academics and students. We facilitate interaction between industry experts and students, thereby providing students with exposure to the wider business and fundraising communities. Investors and the industries that support them in turn gain access to the vibrant research and entrepreneurial communities at the University of Cambridge.

Core Values

CUTEC aspires to strengthen the entrepreneurial eco-system. The purpose of CUTEC is:

  • Connect: to promote networking between students, experienced entrepreneurs, start-ups, investment partners, advisors and alumni

  • Inspire: to spread ideas about technology and business to endeavour entrepreneurship and creation of value

  • Enrich: to foster an entrepreneurial culture in technology and strengthens the basics of networking, teamwork and business knowledge