SCA organises volunteering opportunities for students in and around Cambridge. The aim is to do social good while fostering a closer connection between students in Cambridge and the local community.

To join the SCA family and sign up for our mailing list, please head to the following link: www.cambridgesca.org.uk/volunteer_membership_form

SCA is a student-run society which organises and promotes voluntary work in Cambridge. We actively recruit for over 60 local organisations, including those which focus on homelessness, mental health problems, and disabilities. These organisations provide counselling, extend support, and run centres for local people.

We also run 10 of our own projects. These range from matching students to disabled or disadvantaged children (Big Sibs), to giving students the opportunity to give tuition to children struggling at school (Homework Help). For the full range of our volunteering opportunities, please get in contact with us.

SCA volunteers really do make a difference - to hundreds of people in the local community every week. Of course it's a 'terribly worthwhile thing to do' and 'very rewarding', but that's only the surface of it. We guarantee that you'll learn just as much with us as you ever will in your lectures. Join us to make your mark.

  • To learn more about our wide selection of projects, do check out our poster: tinyurl.com/SCAposter2020
  • We're recruiting College Reps! Are you interested to promote SCA within your college, organise college events, and recruit volunteers? If so, please contact our College Reps Officer, Ren An, at rao37@cam.ac.uk.
  • To join the SCA family and sign up for our mailing list, please head to the following link: www.cambridgesca.org.uk/volunteer_membership_form.